(That's our fancy way of saying hello!) Welcome to our site! My name is Alecia and I'd love for you to meet my husband Eric. We are a wife and husband team who offer Wedding, Portraiture, and Lifestyle Photography & Videography in Central Michigan with not only a love of photography but also a passion! Did I mention we love to travel? That's right! Regardless of your event or moment in the making, we would love the to chance to work with you wherever your dreams in life take you! Did I mention we love to travel?

Want to meet us each personally? Sounds great! Just look below to say hello!


I met my amazing husband when I was just shy of 17. What started as a beautiful friendship slow began to take root and blossom into an incredibly grateful relationship filled with love. We have been married for almost 10 years and enjoy every moment we have together. Our experiences have shown that life happens fast and that no day is like the last. So we value being both behind a lens and also being in front. Life is precious and should be filled with fun and laughter and documented along the way!

Okay! So enough about our values. Let's get to who we are....the nitty gritty. We love our little one and our pit bulls. Sometimes we get those confused, because our fur babies are also our children and together they are all spoiled!

We love our weekends because that means one of two things A.) Time with our friends and family or B. )Time with new friends and families in the making. We love watching our children grow and we love being able to serve clients on capturing those memories for themselves too. 

We love creating real lifestyle sessions. We are all about creating moments and capturing them! Everyday is a new adventure for us, but for also our clients.

So whether you have a family, are about to have family, or are about to unite one we would love to hear about it! Unfortunately, that does mean we age, but this also means several times a year there is a new milestone for you, your friend, or loved one. We want to know your moments and create giggles, laughter, and love along the way. We love to laugh and we believe laughs are the A-game to life. So we bring that with all our sessions. 

Now, that you've gotten to know us a little we would love to know you too! Just give us a call, shoot us an email, or ask to arrange a Skype Video session with us. Of course we know not every phone call leads to a session, but we are all about making friends! That's our funnest endeavor and the reason we love what we do, so lets do this!