Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary Party in Clare, MI

I personally love surprises! Don't you? The only that tops getting a surprise is when you do a party and the one coming is actually helping to plan a party that's for them! Well, that's what happened to me folks!

My husband totally caught me off guard when he proposed to me! I was busy planning a "Family Dinner" for my parents anniversary and next thing I know I'm in the middle of my own engagement party with friends and family. It was awesome. One of the best romantic moments of my life. One that will and will always be held over my head too! I am the hardest to sneak up, and to surprise, but my hubby did it and that's exactly what we did to Jay & Sheila for their 50th Anniversary!

We all got our invitations weeks ago! The plan was set... ARRIVE EARLY! SHHHHH... It was amazing! What was meant to be a small karaoke party with friends turned into a township hall filled with white and gold accents, a cake, and SURPRISE tons of people!

Congratulations Jay & Sheila! We are so happy for you both and look forward to when Eric and I will one day be celebrating our very own year of Gold!



Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!