Romantic Engagement Session at Crooked River Weddings in Gladwin, MI

Last Friday was an amazing day! It was a true Michigan Spring day! It rained, it snowed, and it was CRAZY windy, but then something magical happened! Once we made it to the Crooked River Weddings over in Gladwin, MI., it was almost as if the clouds purposely parted and made way to a grand e-session!

This e-shoot was so raw and real that it really made our jobs worth while. (Which is what it’s truly about-let’s be honest!) We always love it when we get to work with couples, but when we see a couple so in love like Marisa and Erik it’s almost as if we are seeing their love story unfold and to capture it is a feeling unlike any other. To have two people so in real, so in love, it really sets the tone for an amazingly romantic and intimate session!

This is when being an artistic photography duo can be used to our advantage! We pose our couples, walk them through a few natural cues to make them comfortable, and let all of their real and raw emotions shine through. We work through all types of angles and make it so they don’t feel they are just in-front of TWO cameras but are actually among friends!

That is when the magic happens! They simply relax, let loose, and we do all the rest…CAPTURE THEM!

Documenting couples is our JAM and we can not wait to see these two on their wedding day and to capture their next chapter in their life as becoming Husband and Wife!

Wanting to check out their entire E-Session? Check it out by clicking here.

Venue: Crooked River Weddings

Photographer’s: A Starry Night Photography

Soon to be Wedding Venue: Double Tree by Hilton, Bay City, MI

Hair & Makeup Artistry: Beauty by Cathy

Engaged couple with their arms wrapped around each other in Gladwin, Mi in Grout Township at Crooked River Weddings.
Engaged couple near Dow Gardens in Midland MI for their Engagement Couples Sesson
Laughing during their engagement session in early spring near Midland, MI.
Engaged couple laughing during their photography session near the Dow Gardens in Midland, MI.
Couple laughing during their enagagement session in Gladwin, MI at the Crooked River Weddings Barn Venue.
Soon to be groom sniffing brides hair near Midland’s Dow Gardens in Mid-Michigan.
Bride laughing with a cute wrinkled nose while during her engagement session in Gladwin, Miin Grout Township.
Bride’s engagement ring resting on fiance’s back in Gladwin, MI.
Couple standing by the trees at Crooked River Weddings during their Engagement Session in Gladwin , MI.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”

― Elbert Hubbard

Vintage portrait shot at the Crooked River Wedding & Barn Venue in Gladwin, MI.
Soon to be groom kissing his fiance during their engagement session at Crooked River Weddings
Soon to be bride rests her bead on her fiances shoulder at the Crooked River Barn in Gladwin, Mi.
Couple together resting against a vintage truck in Gladwin, MI.
Soon to be Groom brushes hair away from fiances face at the Crooked River Barn & Weddings in Grout Township in Gladwin, MI.
A fun and romantic Dark and Moody Engagement shoot over at Crooked River Barn in Beaverton, MI.
Couple almost kissing during their couples session in Beaverton, MI
E-session in a field right outside the Crooked River Barn in Gladwin, MI.
Engaged couple on the Bridge at the Crooked River Barn venue in Beaverton, MI
Beautiful couple overlooking the river in Beaverton, MI in Gladwin County.
Couple kissing during their spring engagement session
stunning engagement ring shot from A Starry Night Photography while shooting in Gladwin, MI.
Couple kissing on the stairs in Beaverton near Midland, MI.
Lifestyle E-Session with engaged couple having a piggy back ride on Grout Road in Beaverton, MI.
Couple kissing during their evening stroll in Gladwin, MI.
Bride on a swing with her fiance while at the Barn Venue in Gladwin, MI on Grout Road.